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Parque dos Sonhos Photo Gallery

Inclusive Adventure in Socorro, São Paulo


Parque dos Sonhos ("Park of Dreams") is one of the best adventure parks in Socorro, a city in the hills of the Mantiqueira Range in São Paulo.

Socorro has become a top destination for inclusive adventure travel in Brazil. Parque dos Sonhos boasts accessive facilities and accommodations for special needs and senior adventurers as well as fun and thrilling inclusive activities, of which some of the most popular are ziplining and rafting.

You can read more about Parque dos Sonhos and Socorro in this report from the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH) and in the Brazil posts on Accessible Everything (craiggrimes.com), Craig Grimes's accessible & inclusive travel blog.

See also a Parque dos Sonhos feature by Inclusive Tourism advocate Scott Rains on the Rolling Rains Report.

In Brazil, Parque dos Sonhos is recommended by inclusive tourism NGOs Aventura Especial, founded by Dadá Moreira.

Enjoy these photos of Parque dos Sonhos highlights.

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Parque dos Sonhos General ViewZiplining"Panic" ZipliningAcqua Ride
CanoeingLeisure AreaAdventure HotelInclusive Water Adventure
Tubing Waterfall of DreamsTrail WaterfallsSenior Acqua Ride
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