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May 1st Ecological Hiking Tour and Train Ride from Curitiba


May 1st Ecological Hiking Tour and Train Ride from Curitiba
Hakuna Matata

Serra Verde Express, the company in charge of the Curitiba-Paranaguá Railway, promotes the 4th Ecological Hiking Tour in the Coastal Range, or Serra do Mar, in Paraná on May 1, 2008. May 1 is a holiday (Labor Day) in Brazil.

The package includes:

  • Train ride in tourist class from Curitiba to the Engenheiro Lange Station
  • Hiking with a guide from the Engenheiro Lange Station to the metallic bridge in Morretes, the main town along the railway
  • Lunch (dessert and drinks not included) at Hakuna Matata Inn (which, like the famous Elton John/Tim Rice song in The Lion King, is named for a Swahili expression loosely meaning "no worries" or "no problem")
  • Return by bus to Curitiba; arrival at 5pm.

Price: 150 reais (about $90)


BWT Operadora

Address: Avenida Pres. Affonso Camargo 330
Estação Ferroviária (Train Station)
Curitiba, PR
Phone: 41-3323-4007

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