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Yankee American Bar


Introduction to Yankee American Bar :

Well-off curitibanos like Yankee American Bar. With ample spaces, American-style food and eclectic music on the dance floor, the bar opened in 2007 is one of the top choices for a night out in the Batel district.

The Dance Club:

At Yankee American Bar, Thursdays and Sundays are reserved for Brazilian country music. Friday and Saturday feature pop rock with resident and guest DJs.

Keep an eye out for one of Curitiba's best-loved cover bands, DeLorean, and dance to New Wave and other 1980s styles.

Food at Yankee American Bar:

American and Brazilian bar fare meet on the menu. Order the bulky Yankee Fried Combo and you'll get a sampler of all the Brazilian croquettes (bolinhos) - codfish, cassava, potato - plus onion rings and French fries.

Lighter, low-carb options are also available.

The Crowd:

Who goes to Yankee American Bar, and what do they wear? You can check it out for yourself on the bar's official website, under Fotos. The bar likes to showcase customers in hundreds of photos taken during different events.


The bar is wheelchair accessible. But according to a member of the staff, as of this writing the accessible restroom is under repairs. She couldn't provide a tentative date when it will be back in order.

Address & Contact Information:

Avenida Bispo Dom José 2160
Phone: 55-41-3342-1001
Website: www.yankeebar.com.br

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