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A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP


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Drinks at the Coffee Museum Cafe in Santos
A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP
©Patricia Ribeiro

It isn't uncommon for beachgoers to crave something icy and sweet after breathing sea mist for hours or having seafood for lunch. And if you like coffee, you'll probably enjoy the drinks at the Cafe at the Coffee Museum.

The barista at the Cafe says they use a blend of coffee from southern Minas Gerais, the Mogiana and Cerrado areas in Brazil for their coffee and coffee drinks.

The Afogatto (about $3), a mix of vanilla ice cream, espresso and chocolate sauce served with a cinnamon stick, is fit for the coffee lover with a sweet tooth.

And although you can find great coffee all over Brazil, there's a special aura about having some at the Santos Coffee Museum.

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