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A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP


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The Cafe at the Santos Coffee Museum
A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP
©Patricia Ribeiro

The Cafe, or Cafeteria, at the Coffee Museum has tables in the classy museum lounge and a more casual area (photo) for a quick coffee and snack. The cafe sells gifts and special coffees from different areas in Brazil that can be toasted on the spot.

Santos launched contests to choose the official city dish and candy. The winning dish - Meca à Santista - consists of grilled meca fish with lime juice, butter and herbs and can be found at many of the city's seafood restaurants.

The winning candy, called Doce Café, or Sweet Coffee, can be found at the Cafe at the Coffee Museum. It's shaped like a little brick with a chocolate coffee bean on top and made of Belgian Gianduia truffle and Brazilian coffee.

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