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A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP


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Exhibition Room
A Photo Tour of the Coffee Museum in Santos, SP
©Patricia Ribeiro

On the Museum's second floor, permanent and temporary exhibits help learners discover the history of coffee in Brazil.

In early 2008, the Museum held an exhibit honoring the Centennial of the Japanese Immigration in Brazil. The official start of Japanese immigration in Brazil can be dated practically down to the minute, as the ship Kasato Maru docked in Santos at about 5pm on June 18, 1908, bringing the first 781 immigrants who signed up for the Japan-Brazil immigration program and 12 independent travelers. Today, Brazil has the largest Nikkei (Japanese and descendants) community outside Japan, with about 1,500,000 people.

According to the Coffee Museum, 2,122,273 immigrants – 935,222 of whom were Italian - arrived in São Paulo State to work on coffee plantations between 1875 and 1930.

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