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Fazenda Cachoeira Grande


Fazenda Cachoeira Grande
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Updated on Nov.29, 2012

Fazenda Cachoeira Grande, a historic coffee farm located less than 80 miles from Rio de Janeiro, is one of several farms dating back to the apogee of the Coffee Cycle in Vassouras (pop. 32,495).

The farm, which once belonged to the Baron of Vassouras and underwent meticulous renovation in the late 1980s, can be visited for the day (advance scheduling required; see tour information below) or stay overnight.

Fazenda Cachoeira Grande is a member of Preservale (www.preservale.com.br), a historic coffee farm institute.

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In 1987, Fazenda Cachoeira Grande was bought by entrepreneur and art collector Francesco Vergara Caffarelli and wife Núbia. Not only did they restore the property with loving care, but also brought a vintage car collection to the grounds.

Francesco passed away in the late 1990s. Núbia remarried and the couple is devoted to preserving the heritage of Cachoeira Grande.

Evoking the farm's past hospitality -- Princess Izabel and husband Count D'Eu were outstanding visitors -- today's guests are treated to a generous serving of coffee and homemade pastries as well as a musical get-together to the sound of a piano.

Stays at the Farm:

A small farm hand's house by the lake has been meticulously converted into a cozy cottage for stays at Cachoeira Grande.

The secluded getaway has two suites, a living room and a kitchen with a mini refrigerator, a microwave oven, and utensils.

Contact the Farm:

Call or e-mail Fazenda Cachoeira Grande to schedule a day visit or book a stay.

More About Rio's Coffee Valley:

Every year, the region hosts a festival - Coffee, Cachaça and Chorinho during which you can visit historical farms, enjoy great music and come into close contact with ancient Afro-Brazilian traditions.

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