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Museu da Chácara do Céu - Rio de Janeiro


Museu da Chácara do Céu - Rio de Janeiro

Museu da Chácara do Céu. View full-size.

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Museu da Chácara do Céu Overview:

Museu da Chácara do Céu in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, is one of two Castro Maya Museums, which showcase approximately 22,000 items collected by industrialist Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya (1894-1968).

Renaissance man Castro Maya, a Brazilian born in Paris to wealthy and cultured parents, was also a publisher, a sports enthusiast and an arts patron who dedicated a great deal of his life to amassing the artworks displayed at his two houses: Chácara do Céu and Museu do Açude, in Alto da Boa Vista.

The House:

Built in the hills of Santa Teresa, Rio's most artistic neighborhood, Museu da Chácara do Céu occupies a 1954 modernist house at a vantage point with a 360-degree view of Rio and Guanabara Bay. Castro Maya inherited the chácara, whose name means Country House in the Sky, in 1936.

Designed by Wladimir Alves de Souza, the house interacts elegantly with the gardens around it. The construction and its interior design are part of the museum's aesthetic appeal. Original furniture is on display; the library and the dining room have been preserved according to how they looked when Chácara do Céu was home to Castro Maya.

The Chácara do Céu Collection:

Castro Maya obtained almost all the objects in the two museums between 1920 and 1968. His collection of paintings, drawings and engravings by Brazilian artist Candido Portinari (1903-1962) at Chácara do Céu is the largest public Portinari collection.

Other outstanding Brazilian artists featured at Chácara do Céu are Guignard, Iberê Camargo, and Di Cavalcanti. Matisse, Seurat, Modigliani and Miró are a few masters represented in the European art collection.

The Brasiliana works include more than 500 originals by Jean-Baptiste Debret, who depicted Brazil extensively in the nineteenth century.

Books by early travelers and naturalists who described Brazil in the nineteenth century stand out among the library's items, which number 8,000.

Address & Contact Information:

Rua Murtinho Nobre 93
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phones: 55-21-2224-8981/ 55-21-2507-1932


Daily (except Tuesday), noon -5 p.m.
Closed on Jan. 1, Good Friday, Carnival, April 21, May 1, Corpus Christi, Sep. 7, Oct. 12, Nov. 2, Nov. 15 and Dec. 25.


R$ 2
Free admission for children under 12 and seniors over 65.

How to Get to Museu da Chácara do Céu:

Take the Rio de Janeiro subway (Metrô) to the Carioca station and then the Santa Teresa tram to Largo do Curvelo.

You can also take the 206 or 214 buses from Castelo to Largo do Curvelo.

Alternatively, you can use the van service from the Glória subway station. Get off at Rua Dias de Barros (Largo do Curvelo) and walk about 10 minutes to the end of Rua Murtinho Nobre.

Museu Chácara do Céu map (click to enlarge)

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