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International Museum of Naive Art of Brazil

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International Museum of Naive Art of Brazil

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Patricia Ribeiro

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Updated on Nov. 20, 2013

Every once in a while, travelers are fortunate enough to come across art that creates a direct route into the heart and soul of a people. The brightly colored nuances of Brazilian identity - and of other world cultures - are wonderfully represented at the International Museum of Naïve Art of Brazil (MIAN) in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo Tour of the International Museum of Naïve Art of Brazil


  • Comprehensive collection of Brazilian and international naive art
  • Guided tours present a wealth of information
  • Great location next to the Corcovado access


  • Not wheelchair-accessible


  • The museum has works by some of the most outstanding names in Brazilian naïve art.
  • An art gallery has original pieces by featured artists for sale, ranging in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Souvenirs for all budgets are available at the gift shop.
  • One of the exhibitions has replicas of paitings by Henri Rousseau, the first artist described as naïve.

Guide Review - International Museum of Naive Art of Brazil

The International Museum of Naïve Art of Brazil (MIAN) in Rio de Janeiro is said to house the world's largest collection of naïf art - 6,000 works by artists from Brazil and about 100 other countries.

The museum occupies a 19th-century house in Cosme Velho, at the foot of Corcovado, two doors down from the Corcovado train station and near other historical homes. It partially reopened its doors in mid-2012 after undergoing repairs and renovations, thanks to public and non-governmental funds.

Among the exciting new features is the redesign of the exhibit area, with a museographic project by Gerardo Villaseca and more space for the display of artworks and interactive resources.

The result of a couple's love for the spontaneous, self-taught art form known as naïve art, the museum was founded by Lucien Finkelstein, a Frenchman who adopted Brazil as his home country, and his Brazilian wife, Mariza Campos da Paz. They devoted several decades to amassing their collection, taking rickety taxis to the top of mountains and leaving guided tours to search for artists in remote places.

When Lucien passed away in 2008, Mariza da Paz became president of the Lucien Finkelstein Foundation and continued the museum's endeavors, including the promotion of upcoming talents in naïve art. The Foundation is now presided by Jacqueline Finkelstein, Lucien's daughter. In its new configuration, the museum has a room dedicated to Lucien'sa achievements.

In Brazil, many naïve artists have benefitted from the museum's projects, such as Future Greats of Naïve Art, Great Names of Naïve Art, Naïves of Our Brazil - which highlights regional talents - and New Values of Naïve Art.

The museum's exhibits are accompanied by carefully prepared multilingual literature which gives viewers information about the artist's background and work. Additional improvements are being implemented as of this update.


Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am to 6 pm. Saturdays: call in advance to schedule a guided tour.


R$16 (subject to changes; half-price tickets available for kids and senior citizens 60 and up)


Rua Cosme Velho 561
Rio de Janeiro
Phone: 21-2205-8612/ 21-2205-8547

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 5 out of 5
MIAN's doors are open again!, Member Museu.Naif

MIAN's doors are open again! The museum hosts 8 new exhibits, including interactive and virtual features. All time favourites are still on show, such as Lia Mitarrakis' amazing 4 x 7 metres canvas portraying the city of Rio in all its glory and Aparecida Azedo's Brazil, 5 centuries, a great opportunity to learn more about the history of this amazing country! Come one, come all! The museum is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am to 6 pm, Saturdays upon request. Guided visits in English, French and Spanish are available with prior booking as well as activities for children.

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