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What has gone into the creation of a Brazilian identity? Discover some exciting aspects of makes Brazil unique - its people, traditions, language, and history.
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Corpus Christi in São Paulo State
Some of the best cities for traditional Corpus Christi celebrations in the state of São Paulo.

Silo Cultural José Kléber
A center for the preservation of traditional Paraty music and dance.

2009: Carmen Miranda Birth Centennial
The Carmen Miranda birth centennial was celebrated with events in Brazil and Portugal.

Afro-Brazilian Museum, Salvador
An outstanding museum exclusively dedicated to Brazil's African roots.

Brazil in the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Brazil in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Rio de Janeiro's bid to the 2016 Olympic Games.

Brazil-Japan Cultural Week
Photos of Brazil-Japan Cultural Week, one of the 2008 events celebrating the Centennial of Japanese Immigration in Brazil.

Bumba-meu-boi is a folkloric pantomime that tells the story of an ox brought back to life. It's one of Brazil's most traditional forms of cultural expression.

Caixa Cultural
Caixa Cultural, the Cultural Institution of the Brazilian Federal Savings Bank, hosts art exhibits and performances in several Brazil cities.

An introduction to capoeira from the About.com to Martial Arts.

Casa Histórica de Osório
Casa Histórica de Osório is possibly the oldest residential property in Rio de Janeiro. A tip from Débora Birn, Guest Rio de Janeiro Reporter for Brazil Travel.

Fazenda Cachoeira do Mato Dentro
Fazenda Cachoeira do Mato Dentro, a historic coffee farm in Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, offers a day visit to the farmhouse and grounds.

Fazenda Cachoeira Grande Photos
Photos of Fazenda Cachoeira Grande, in Vassouras.

Fazenda Cachoeira Grande
A Coffee Cycle attraction in the Paraiba River Valley.

Fazenda do Secretário
A preserved 19th century coffee farm you can visit for the day.

Fazenda Mulungu Vermelho
A preserved historic coffee farm in the Paraiba River Valley, open to day visits and overnight stays.

Fazenda Santa Eufrásia
Country life comforts and a glimpse into the Paraiba River Valley Coffee Cycle in Vassouras, near Rio.

Fazenda São Fernando
A historic coffee farm in Massambará, a district in Vassouras, boasting a preserved farmhouse decorated with works of art.

Japanese Immigration Centennial in Brazil
Brazil celebrates 100 years of Japanese immigration with many festivities. The presence of Prince Heir Naruhito of Japan at a celebration on the weekend of June 21-22 was one of the year's highlights.

Japanese Immigration in Brazil - The Kasato Maru and the First Immigrants
On June 18, 2008, the first Japanese immigrants arrived in Brazil aboard the Kasato Maru. The first immigrants were about to start a new era for Brazilian culture and ethnic makeup.

Orelhão (Big Ear) - The Brazilian Phone Booth
Information about the orelhão, or big ear, and its designer, Brazilian architect Chu Ming Silveira.

Vassouras Coffee Farms
Historic coffee farms with carefully decorated farmhouses are top attractions in Vassouras, a city in the Paraíba River Valley.

Rio 360 - Immersive Photography by Ayrton
Rio 360, by Ayrton, features awesome immersive photography of Rio de Janeiro landscapes, cultural attractions and events, as well as some photographs of other destinations in Brazil.

Fazenda Monte Alegre
Fazenda Monte Alegre, a restored historic coffee farm open to visitors in Paty do Alferes, is one of the top attractions in Rio de Janeiro's Coffee Valley.

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