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Luxury Hotels in Campos do Jordão


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Luxury Hotels in Campos do Jordão

Scenic views are among the perks found in the best hotels in Campos do Jordão.

Photo courtesy of Campos do Jordão e Região CVB.

Campos do Jordão has over 200 hotels and pousadas (B&Bs and inns). Some of the city's upscale accommodations are located in Vila Capivari, the center of winter bustle.

Topping recent luxury travel openings in Brazil - and aiming for hors concours status - is the Botanique, ensconced in silent and verdant Vale dos Mellos. Read on for the other nests of comfort and beauty in Campos do Jordão, including a round-up of otustanding hotels and pousadas on the next level of charming hospitality.

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