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Hotels and Accommodations in Búzios, Brazil


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Introduction to Búzios Hotels and Accommodations
Hotels and Accommodations in Búzios, Brazil

Praia dos Ossos, Búzios.

Photo courtesy of Pousada do Corsário

Updated on June 5, 2013

Armação dos Búzios (pop. 24,560), known simply as Búzios, draws crowds of Brazilian and international tourists every summer.

Búzios is also a top off-summer destination, located as it is on a peninsula on Rio de Janeiro State's Sun Coast (Costa do Sol). The city gets an average 250 days of sunshine a year.

There are hundreds of hotels, pousadas and guest houses in Búzios, and you can find a charming place to stay in a wide price range. Most accommodations can be found in the central area and on four of the city's 20-plus beaches -- Armação, João Fernandes, Ferradura and Geribá.

See a Búzios photo gallery by Linda Garrison, About.com Guide to Cruises.

Accessibility in Búzios

Despite its large number of accommodations, Búzios is far from being a universally accessible destination. An architecture that tries to create the best views from the hilly seaside has yielded wheelchair-unfriendly designs with multi-leveled indoors and steps that meander up the property.

Even units built after Decree 5.296 (2004) which defines a minimum of accessibility for Brazil hotels, have failed to comply with its directives.

Hotels and pousadas with accessible facilities will be grouped in an additional listing on this guide. If you find accessible accommodations in Búzios, please e-mail me.

Búzios Resorts

Opened in June 2010, Breezes Búzios Resort & Spa on Tucuns Beach is the city's newest mega resort. Next in size is the Atlântico Búzios Convention & Resort on Armação Beach, with 172 apartments. Smaller, cozier pousadas make up the bulk of local accommodations - in Búzios, small is still beautiful.

Read on for a growing list of hotels following the sequence of beaches as you enter the peninsula from the northwest, and look forward to your share of Búzios sea and, hopefully, sunshine.

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