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Kenoa Resort


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Kenoa Resort Details and Contact Information
Kenoa Resort
Rogério Maranhão/New Image Assessoria de Comunicação. Courtesy of Kenoa Resort

Price Range:

$600-$1,200, low season. Prices vary depending on holidays, high season and multi-day packages.


Wheelchair-accessible accommodations available.

Additional Services (Check Rates):

Laundry services, tai chi chuan and yoga instruction, personal shopper, personal trainer, spa services in your villa. The resort offers wedding packages.

How to Get to Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort:

Transfers from the Zumbi dos Palmares airport in Maceió (about $110 for a couple) can be arranged directly with the resort.

Address & Reservations:

Rua Escritor Jorge de Lima 58
Barra de São Miguel – AL
Phones: 55-82-3272 1285 - 55-11-2824 6446
E-mail: info@kenoaresort.com
Website: www.kenoaresort.com

About Barra de São Miguel:

The proximity to Maceió has turned Barra de São Miguel (pop. 7,573) into a favorite getaway for the city's well-off residents, some of whom own vacation homes in the area. Kenoa Resort is located at the northern end of the beach, where the sea is rough - but you can walk to the stretch with calm ocean pools formed by coral reefs.

Nearby attractions include Lagoa do Retiro, a lagoon with preserved mangroves, and Mirante Alto de Santana, from which you can see the coconut groves along the shore.

Praia do Gunga, one of the most beautiful beaches in Alagoas, is less than seven miles to the south; not much farther north is another famous beach, highly touristic Praia do Francês.

From Barra de São Miguel, boat tours are available to the ocean pools and other attractions such as the meeting of the reddish waters of the Niquim River with the sea, near the Niquim Lagoon.

For a quaint outing, arrange a tour to Praia da Lagoa Azeda, a beach with a fisherman's village about 18 miles south of Barra de São Miguel, near yet another lagoon - the one that lends the beach its name. Off Praia da Lagoa Azeda is one of Brazil's most coveted shipwreck diving attractions: the Itapagé, a merchant ship torpedoed by German submarine U-161 in September 1943.

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