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Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia, Praia do Patacho


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Sustainable and Attractive Quarters on Brazil's Coral Coast
Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia, Praia do Patacho
Photo courtesy of Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia.

Feb.24, 2011

Praia do Patacho is a perfect beach for the traveler seeking simple, peaceful joys: sunrises and sunsets, the soft sounds of ocean meeting sand, a walk along the shore.

Casa do Patacho and Casa Olivia, owned by a British/Brazilian couple, were built in accordance with the simplicity and natural beauty of this beach about 2 kilometers from Porto de Pedras, on the Coral Coast of Alagoas State.

As it often happens in the epiphany which connects people to a newly found place, Cliffy and Erika's discovery of Praia do Patacho quickly evolved into a life change. The British DJ and his Brazilian wife were on a four-day visit to Alagoas when they decided to buy the land where they would build Casa Patacho and later Casa Olivia, which they now use for their vacations and - you're in luck - rent to guests.

Both houses were designed with a sustainable approach. Natural materials and regional construction techniques, masterfully employed by local construction workers, have resulted in houses which let in the air, light and beauty of their surroundings. "We are trying hard to develop a sustainable tourism which helps the local economy," says Cliffy.

Casa Patacho:

Erika, an interior designer, helped Recife architects Múcio Jucá and Noé Sérgio materialize the plans for a beach retreat with a strong local accent. Some of the house's key elements are the solutions for optimal air circulation. They take on delightful regional terms, such as saia-e-blusa ("skirt and blouse") for a Dutch door or cobogó for cross-draft openings.

Casa Patacho has three bedrooms with verandas facing the beach, a living area and fully-equipped kitchen area with a high roof, and a mezzanine with a TV and DVD player which can be converted into a fourth bedroom with the addition of a mattress. The bathrooms have water heated by solar panels.

Daily cleaning services are included.

Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia:

Praia do Patacho
Porto de Pedras - AL
Website: www.praiadopatacho.com
E-mail: info@praiadopatacho.com

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