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Guide to Vacation Rentals in Brazil


Guide to Vacation Rentals in Brazil

Photo courtesy of Aluguetemporada.com.br

Brazil Vacation Rentals:

Updated on April 26, 2012

When you go to Brazil, you may be surprised by the number of people you meet who either own or dream of owning a vacation house or condo on the beach or in the countryside. Many Brazilians happily sacrifice a certain amount of variety in their vacation plans in exchange for the lasting connections they create with a place they choose as a favorite getaway.

Who Rents Out Homes in Brazil:

Some property owners rent out the same home they use for their own vacations during certain times of the year as a way to supplement income. Others favor investing in properties that are basically meant for rental. It all adds up to a vast scope of offers in gorgeous locations in Brazil throughout the year.

Vacation Rental Vocabulary:

Some of the properties available are located in condomínios – not to be confused with condos, a word Brazilians don’t use for apartments. Condomínios are gated developments that include houses or townhomes and may have security staff to patrol the grounds.

The vacation apartments discussed here are not units in self catering hotels, but condos owned by individuals who bought each unit separately when the apartment complex was built.

When browsing vacation rental websites, you will often come across the word temporada, which means “season”. Aluguel de temporada means, literally, “seasonal rental”.

Advantages of Renting a Vacation Home:

Although even modest rental properties in Brazil can be expensive during the local peak season – summer on the beach, winter in mountain resorts, for example – prices drop during the off-season, especially on weekdays. Besides, some houses are spacious enough to accommodate two families, or a large group of friends who can split up the tab and make it more affordable for everybody.

Renting the right property at the right location can be a fun and gratifying experience for independent travelers who do fine without hotel amenities and cherish the freedom of having their own, if only temporary, vacation place.

Some Things to Consider:

A budget-friendly property may not be very close to main attractions and might require renting a car. Many properties have kitchen utensils and possibly pillows and blankets, but no linens, which requires a whole different kind of packing.

Brazilian vacation rental sites work as a channel between the interested parties. All arrangements for money transfers, getting and returning keys and the like must be carried out directly with the property owners. In these searches and contacts, you may need to brace yourself for broken English and possible communication difficulties in e-mail exchanges.

Companies are listed here as a starting point for readers; the list may change as more feedback and updates come along. Recommendations, when made, are based on the best information within my reach.

Vacation Rentals in Rio de Janeiro:

Renting a place could be the perfect solution for your Rio vacations. Learn about the local vacation rental scene and get some helpful tips from a pro - Dan Babush, owner of Rent in Rio.

Vacation Rental Listings for All of Brazil:

These sites stand out for listing properties in several attractive areas of the country.

  • Temporada Livre
    Launched in 2011, with an English version, Temporada Livre has quickly gained terrain in the Brazil vacation rental market with its good listings.
  • Alugue Temporada
    According to the website, Alugue Temporada, part of the HomeAway group, is the largest vacation rental website in Brazil, with thousands of country's top destinations.
  • Casa Férias
    Founded by an international family with nearly seven years of residence in Brazil, Casa Férias has been steadily growing thanks to a focus on trust - owners' photos and renters' reviews are an important part of the list with about 1,600 properties.
  • Brasil Férias Online
    Opened in 2011, BRFO has from huge luxury homes to small apartments in several locations.

Local Listings:

Some classified ad websites focus on specific areas. Here are a few good ones for three states that are famous both for their beaches and their mountains:

Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo State
Temporada SP divides links between litoral (seaside) and interior (countryside) and it also features listings in places elsewhere that are really popular among São Paulo travelers, such as Trancoso and Porto Seguro, in Bahia.

Fine properties on some of Brazil's most attractive beaches are a strong point about Bahia Homes, with a branch (Brazil homes) dealing in properties in Camburi, Ilhabela, Ubatuba and Paraty.

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