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Pousada Casa de Taipa, São Miguel do Gostoso


Pousada Casa de Taipa, São Miguel do Gostoso
Photo courtesy of Pousada Casa de Taipa.

Introduction to Pousada Casa de Taipa:

Located just three blocks from Maceió beach in São Miguel do Gostoso, RN, Pousada Casa de Taipa is an affordably-priced option for travelers in this scenic and peaceful destination near Natal.

The pousada, whose name means "pressed mud house", follows sustainable practices. The design is inspired in the simple, earth-friendly homes of the Northeast's backlands, with plenty of natural materials and air circulation.

A one-of-a-kind perk is the Casa de Taipa Museum, a reproduction of pressed mud homes made from authentic materials.

See a Pousada Casa de Taipa photo gallery.

Accommodations at Pousada Casa de Taipa:

The pousada has six apartments. They're decorated with colorful local artwork and handcrafted 100% cotton bedspreads. All suites have a mini refrigerator, A/C, a 26-inch LCD TV, and internet access (paid separately).

One of the suites is adapted for travelers with disabilities.

Amenities at Pousada Casa de Taipa:

The restaurant serves traditional Northeastern dishes. Some of the specialties are the gostosinho, prawns with cassava and cheese cream, rice and beans; arrumadinho and ajeitadinho, variations with sun-dried meat and chicken respectively.

The restaurant is open to non-guests. Seating is limited (30).

The pousada has a pool from which you can see the Casa de Taipa Museum.

Casa de Taipa Museum:

Built according to traditional techniques, covered with salvage clay tiles and decorated with vintage objects - some of them over 60 years old and donated by locals - the Casa de Taipa Museum is open to the community at large.

On Saturdays, a cookout of sertanejo-style (countryman's) beans takes place on the museum's outdoor wood stove. The beans can be served at the restaurant with another order.

Among the objects you'll see at the museum are kitchen utensils and religious items such as a small statue of Padim Ciço, the Northeast's miracle-working priest.

View the museum to the sound of Luiz Gonzaga's Pau de Arara ("Flatbed Truck"), about a migrant worker leaving the Northeast. Click on Video on the Pousada Casa de Taipa website.

Services at Pousada Casa de Taipa:

The pousada can arrange transfers from the Natal International Airport. What's special is, you can turn the transfer into a tour of the magnificent Rio Grande do Norte seashore on a Land Rover Defender110.

You can also plan a tubing adventure on the Punaú River.


Wheelchair-accessible. One suite is adapted for travelers with disabilities.

Contact Information:

Address: Rua Bagre Caia Coco 99
São Miguel do Gostoso, RN
Phone: 55-84-32634227
E-mail: ruymazurek@pousadacasadetaipa.com.br
Website: www.pousadacasadetaipa.com.br

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