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Castelinho38: A Home Feeling in Santa Teresa


Castelinho38: A Home Feeling in Santa Teresa
Patricia Ribeiro

Castelinho38 Overview:

Castelinho38 - a small castle at Rua Triunfo 38 - is a guesthouse where vintage doors and windows are open to air, sunlight, art and welcome guests from all over the world.

The two-storey 1866 house with high ceilings has ten guest rooms, a spacious front room, a terrace overlooking the hills and part of Guanabara Bay, gardens with fruit trees and an area for holistic activities.

In sync with Santa Teresa's quaint, artsy community, Castelinho38 hosts art exhibits, workshops and other cultural events.

Guest Rooms:

Decorated with vintage wardrobes and mirrors, the ten rooms at Castelinho38 are named after trees and plants - Lemon Tree; Fern; Bougainville.

In this home-style guesthouse with large windows and sheltered by a garden, there are no TVs or A/C units in the rooms. All of them have queen-sized beds, cotton bed linen, hot showers and fans.

Garden and Common Areas:

Outdoors, guests at Castelinho38 find gardens with native trees and a terrace with a great view, where there are parties and get-togethers. The bar has a touch of vintage in its decoration.

Guide Review:

When I arrived at Castelinho38 for a tour of the guesthouse on a cloudy July day, the amazing 70-square meter front room with high ceilings and plank floors was being painted white. All the windows were open and air was flowing through the room.

Everything felt impeccably clean and welcoming. On the way to the garden, I could smell fresh baked wheat bread - a treat for the guests.

My guide was so pleasant, I trusted him about the Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the garden and didn't ask him to hold the two beautiful, friendly dogs.

I like the security at Castelinho38. The house separates the back terrace from the front, where there's a security gate.

How to Get to Castelinho38

You can take the Santa Teresa tram, which departs from Lelio Gama street in Largo da Carioca, next to Petrobras and near the Carioca Station of the Rio de Janeiro subway.

There are buses to Santa Teresa as well. Ask the Castelinho38 staff for tips about the best lines at the time of your trip.


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Address & Contact Information:

Rua Triunfo 38
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: 55-21-2252-2549
Fax: 55-22-2242-7511
E-mail: info@castelinho38.com[br Website: www.castelinho38.com

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