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Cama e Cafe - A Brazilian Bed and Breakfast Network


Cama e Cafe - A Brazilian Bed and Breakfast Network

Ride the trolley to your Santa Teresa B&B

Patricia Ribeiro

Cama e Café Overview:

Cama e Café is a unique network of bed and breakfasts in Brazil, with members in Olinda, Pernambuco, and in the Santa Teresa district in Rio de Janeiro.

Bed & breakfasts in Cama e Café differ from Brazilian pousadas (lodges or inns, also called bed & breakfasts) in the sense that guests have a much more personalized experience - they don't stay at Paulo's Inn, but at Paulo's Apartment, for example.

Participating hosts and hostesses are prepared to receive international guests, provide tips about local attractions and accommodate personal preferences in a way that's more reminding of an exchange program than of an inn.

Santa Teresa:

One of the unique advantages about staying at Cama e Café in Rio de Janeiro is that all participating B & Bs are located in Santa Teresa, a charming neighborhood with vintage homes and art ateliers perched atop a hill and endowed with some of the most awesome views in Rio de Janeiro.

Santa Teresa is conveniently located near downtown Rio, with its many museums, and Lapa, one of Rio's top nightlife hubs. Although it's not right by the shore, you can easily get to the beaches by bus or taxi. To go downtown, take the vintage trolley (R$ 0,60 - about 40 cents).


At the time of this writing, Cama e Café has a single house listed for Olinda, in Pernambuco, home to one of the most amazing Carnival experiences in Brazil.

Janet's Home (Casa da Janete) is located in Olinda's historic district, listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Carnival Packages:

Contact Cama e Café around July to get information about New Year and Carnival packages (with a minimum number of stays), so you can get a head start as soon as the network starts booking.

Expect an increase in rates for both events.

Cama e Café Contact Information:

Cama e Café website

Reservation Center Hours:

Mon-Fri 8a-8p
Sat 10a-5p
Sun 10a-4p

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