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Pousada Patacho

Praia do Patacho, Porto de Pedras, Brazil


Pousada do Patacho exists in delightful harmony with its surroundings - Praia do Patacho, in Porto de Pedras, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Owner Christian, a Frenchman who lived in Barcelona, Mexico City, São Paulo and Paraty before landing in this pristine stretch of the Alagoas coast, says of his elegantly designed getaway: "I've built a dream."

The pousada opened on Dec.25, 2007 with only three rooms - Estrela, Lua and Sereia (Star, Moon and Mermaid). In 2010, it gained two-story Sobrado Patacho, with two suites - Colibri (Hummingbird) and Jasmim (Jasmine).

Pousada Patacho is still the only pousada on the beach - other accommodations are the Praia do Patacho houses. Flip through the photo gallery to learn more about this ideal getaway for beachgoers who crave preserved nature and the essential beauty of a coconut grove and a moon rise.

Pousada Patacho

Porto de Pedras, Alagoas
Website: www.pousadapatacho.com.br
Phone: 55-82-3298-1253
E-mail: mensagens@pousadapatacho.com.br

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