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Habitare Apart Hotel Review

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Habitare Apart Hotel Review
Patricia Ribeiro

The Bottom Line

The Habitare Apart Hotel has a superb location in central Nova Friburgo, near great restaurants, shops and the urban terminal with buses to Lumiar, Muri and other top countryside attractions. The outstanding cleanliness, the well-appointed suites with a mini kitchen and the wireless internet are some of the highlights. See my photos of Habitare Apart Hotel.


  • New and spotlessly clean
  • Comfortable suites with a mini kitchen
  • Central location with easy access to the Winter Festival and other attractions
  • Splendid breakfast
  • Friendly and professional staff


  • No swimming pool
  • Studio apartments come close to, but fall short of, being truly universally designed


  • 20 Standard apartments on 2nd to 4th floor have a mezzanine; they fit up to four people. Some face a small courtyard.
  • 9 Executive apartments on 2nd to 4th are like the Standard, but they have two TVs, face the street and have a view.
  • 4 Studio apartments on the 1st floor can be used by guests with mobility impairments. Three face the back and have a balcony.
  • Double or triple apartments on the 4th and 5th floor have views of Caledonia Peak and Pedra do Imperador (Emperor's Rock)
  • 2 Master (penthouse) suites have a queen size bed with spring mattress. Terrace has nice views. Great for honeymoon/romance.
  • Mastercard, Visa and American Express accepted.
  • Address: Rua Augusto Cardoso 71 - Centro - Nova Friburgo - RJ - CEP 28610-050 - Brazil
  • Phone: 55-22-2519-8700
  • E-mail: habitare@habitareapart.com.br

Guide Review - Habitare Apart Hotel Review

Nova Friburgo, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro State, is a city in which history, great cuisine and the bucolic scenery all merge to create one of the most attractive destinations near Rio.

The Habitare Apart Hotel is at the forefront of the city's multiple talents, as it successfully caters to the businesspeople who visit town for its lingerie industry and also taps into Nova Friburgo's recent rediscovery of its touristic potential.

Everything at the hotel still smells new, and you can feel cleanliness in everything you touch. Amenities include a lounge bar, a small fitness room and a computer room with two fast machines which came in handy when my laptop collapsed.

Though it's located near Praça Getúlio Vargas, the lively central square surrounded with historical attractions such as the Baron of Nova Friburgo's house as well as shops and several affordable eateries, the Habitare is also in a mainly residential street lined with mature trees. One of a few other businesses on Rua Augusto Cardoso is the budget-friendly and cozy Sul na Brasa.

My room was an Executive apartment with a mezzanine, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and light-blocking panels. The curtains allowed for a bit of morning sleep after a night at the Nova Friburgo International Winter Festival and in the Cônego district, where I visited Bürgermeister and 1930 and stpped by a few other eateries.

The desk in the Executive apartment is great: right by the bed, with good lighting, wireless access and room to spread brochures on. I loved the kitchen with a mini refrigerator and granite countertops. I soon made it mine with handcrafted doce de leite and cookies from Casarão de Minas and fresh fruit from Casa Friburgo on the square.

Like most quality Brazil hotels and pousadas, the Habitare serves a hearty breakfast - but theirs is beyond standard for their category. I truly enjoyed the Habitare breakfast, which included passion fruit mousse.

Professionalism at the Habitare leaves a positive impression right away: the polite front desk staff, especially the gentle Leziane, the porter who opened the taxi door, and the maître d’ in the breakfast room all had top hotel aplomb. Some of the staff members speak English. Hopefully that service will improve and be more common as destinations such as Nova Friburgo become better known to international tourists.

The writer was provided with complimentary accommodation by Habitare Hotel thanks to the Nova Friburgo Secretariat of Culture, represented by Secretary of Culture, Dr. Roosevelt Concy, for the purpose of visiting the Nova Friburgo International Winter Festival and reviewing Nova Friburgo attractions. The author would like to thank David Massena and Reg Murray for making the trip possible. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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