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Hotels and Pousadas in Praia do Rosa


Hotels and Pousadas in Praia do Rosa

Quinta do Bucanero, Praia do Rosa. See a larger image.

Photo coutesy of Quinta do Bucanero

Hotels in Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina, are mostly pousadas, meaning they favour cozy over mega, personal attention over lip service, natural over artificial.

Some hotels are listed separately because they stand out in terms of amenities, comfort level, services and price. But you will find lots of comfortable lodging options in Praia do Rosa for a decent price.

One of the reasons the Santa Catarina coast is so appealing to families is the availability of bungalows and family-size rooms - which are also great for groups of surfers. But private, comfortable bungalows are also part of what makes Praia do Rosa a top honeymoon and romance destination in Brazil.

If you prefer vacation homes to hotels and pousadas, look for Praia do Rosa listings (usually under Imbituba) available on Brazil vacation rental websites.

There's camping with good infrastructure at Camping do Rosa.

For lodging in other Imbituba beaches, see the list of hotels in Imbituba.

Rosa Hotels, Pousadas and Bungalows:

Quinta do Bucanero

One of the best hotels in Brazil for honeymoons and romantic getaways, Quinta do Bucanero is a member of Roteiros de Charme, Brazil's Charm Hotel Association. Guests must be 14 and up.

Pousada Rêmora

A hilltop gated community with luxury suites and two-bedroom rental homes.

Morada da Praia do Rosa

One of the newest pousadas on Praia do Rosa, the Argentinian-owned Morada is the aesthetic equivalent of a juicy ripe fruit, with harmonious use of color and whimsical details - such as the mosaic geckos in the bathrooms - punctuating its updated comforts. There are 18 suites and apartments; the rustic-chic main house has a living room and a bar/restaurant. Other great amenities are the pool and deck with beach views. Breakfast is included in the rates.

Solar Mirador

Surrounded by native vegetation, with great ocean views, comfortable units and an attention to design and cuisine.

Hospedaria das Brisas

Beautifully designed and decorated, in a charming area of the village. Guest rooms have box spring beds and A/C; amenities include a pool, a living room with a fireplace, and the Refúgio do Pescador restaurant, open to non-guests.

Pousada Vida Sol e Mar

Besides offering great bungalows, Vida Sol e Mar is Imbituba's leading whale watching tour organizer.

Morada dos Bougainvilles

A peaceful haven with suites and bungalows designed according to Feng Shui.

Pousada Caminho do Rei

Located atop a hill, with fantastic ocean views and eight comfortable unit harmoniously integrated with nature.

Fazenda Verde by Neco

Surrounded by gardens and facing both Praia do Rosa and the lagoon, the pousada has several well-appointed bungalows, with kitchens and living rooms. Some have two bedrooms and two bathrooms; the best of all is a house with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and panoramic beach views. Wedding and honeymoon packages are available.

Fazenda do Rosa

Bungalows with four levels of amenities, spread over this farm (fazenda) by the sea. One of the Cabanas Top fits up to six people. The pousada has a partnership with Escola de Surf Capitão David, a traditional surf school on Rosa.

Villa Agrifoglio

Beautiful gardens and mature trees surround the bungalows and apartments at Villa Agrifoglio. Pleasant common areas, a gym, a pool, a restaurant and a bar are some of the amenities.

Morada dos Sisais

Views are stunning from this crow's nest built on rocks and very close to Quinta do Bucanero. The pousada has a nice pool and panoramic deck and suites in three levels of comfort (all with beach and lagoon views). Among the other amenities are a living/media room, a small library and a BBQ area. Honeymoon packages area available. So are beach service and - paid separately - laundry, massage, surf lessons and other services.

Villa Buena Vista
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The pousada atop the Caminho do Rei hill, opened in 2008, has two bungalows and three suites, all with sea views. A lookout point with sweeping views of the beach houses the Mirante Bar and doubles as the breakfast area. Owner Walkiria Miralha, who lived in Switzerland, speaks French, Italian and Spanish; the receptionist speaks English.


Pousada Descanso do Rei

The hilltop pousada has a deck with a 360-degree view of the beach and lagoons. Amenities in the apartments (which have fully equipped kitchens) and the suites include box spring beds, hot tubs, balconies and sea or garden views, depending on the unit.

Regina Guest House

An attractive bed and breakfast with five bungalows that were built with sustainable principles in mind. Well-positioned windows and plenty of native vegetation allow for natural cooling.

The Rosebud

Pleasant apartments for up to three people and suites for up to four, a nice restaurant with a sea view and a pool on the south corner make The Rosebud one of the most attractive pousadas in the lower Praia do Rosa price range.

Studios do Barão

Four studios and two suites on a large property with many trees and panoramic sea views. Free transportation to the pousada for travelers arriving by bus in Araçatuba, six kilometers from Praia do Rosa.


Pico da Tribo

A favorite with surfers, Pico da Tribo has suites for up to four people (with a TV and a mini refrigerator) and apartments for up to six people with a full kitchen. Pico da Tribo is also great for baladas (clubbing).


Estalagem Capitão Gancho

The Captain Hook Inn features apartments for up to four people and bungalows.

Pousada Vigia das Marés

Seven suites and bungalows fit for couples (two of them are called Lua de Mel, or Honeymoon), with box spring mattresses.

Estalagem Rosa dos Ventos

Houses, bungalows, suites and flats fitting up to six people.

Morada da Lagoa

Five apartments with beach views and a house with three bedrooms (two double rooms), in front of Lagoa do Meio.

Morada dos Sisais

Views of the southern corner of Praia do Rosa, honeymoon suites and lofts with a kitchen.

Pousada Gopak

Eye-pleasing architecture, six suites varying in size and two guest houses for up to six people in the central stretch of Praia do Rosa.

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