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Brazil Amazon Jungle Lodges

Rainforest at Your Door


Brazil Amazon Jungle Lodges
Photo courtesy of Hostel Manaus.

Amazon jungle lodges cater to all sorts of travelers' expectations about the rainforest: bountiful fishing, waking up to the chattering of monkeys, enjoying the vibrating silence of rainforest nights, having some contact with indigenous peoples.

Although the deepest realms of the Amazon Rainforest lay beyond the limits of jungle lodges still, some of the tours provided by the lodges will give you a further glimpse into forest life. Checking what kind of tours each lodge has to offer (and how much more you might have to pay for them) is an important thing to do before you choose an Amazon jungle lodge.

Canoe tours in igarapés, the Amazon's narrow meandering waterways, are an example of what you can do to have closer encounters with wildlife, especially birds and monkeys.

Hopefully, you'll see pink botos, or Amazon river dolphins, perhaps on a boat tour of the meeting of the waters. Maybe you'll go swimming with the dolphins.

Focagem de jacarés, or alligator spotlighting – when the animals are stunned by a powerful flashlight (known as silibim) and the guide will grab small caimans and practically place them on your lap – is another typical jungle lodge experience which gives tourists a feel for rainforest life, minus big risks.

The list below is a quick-reference roundup of Amazon jungle lodges. All meals and transfers from Manaus are usually included in jungle lodge prices, but check carefully before booking.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge has 16 suites on the Negro River, in front of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the world’s largest complex of river islands.

Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

At the mouth of the Acajatuba River, 32 miles from Manaus and near the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the Acajatuba Jungle Lounge has 40 apartments in 20 round, indigenous-style thatched structures suspended one meter above the forest floor. A restaurant with sunset views and a lookout tower are some of the amenities.

Aldeia dos Lagos

Aldeia dos Lagos was built as a part of an ecotourism project benefitting local communities and based on sustainable fishing. The project is co-sponsored by WWF-Brazil. The lodge has 12 air-conditioned apartments.

Amazon Antonio Jungle Tours & Hostel Manaus

A winnng partnership between local tour operator Amazon Antonio and Hostel Manaus provides visitors with a reasonably priced and safe jungle experience. Get the best of both worlds with an Australian-owned hostel for your Manaus stay and a jungle lodge on the Urubu River.

Amazon Ecopark Lodge

The Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is on the Tarumã River, one hour away from Manaus International Airport. One of the lodge's highlights is the Monkey Jungle Reserve, a center for the rehabilitation of primates which were rescued from illegal traders. A lovely river beach and natural pools are other attractions at the lodge, which has 60 apartments in 20 bungalows.

Amazon Jungle Palace

The Amazon Jungle Palace, on the Negro River (one hour and a half from Manaus by boat) has sustainable practices such as up-to-date water treatment and recycling. Ask about yacht trips.

Amazon Riverside Hotel

The Amazon Riverside Lodge is close to the meeting of the waters of the Solimões and Negro Rivers.

Amazon Village

Amazon Village is located 18.75 miles from Manaus, on the banks of Puraquequara Lake.


Ariaú Amazon Towers

The Ariaú Amazon Towers is the only hotel complex at canopy level in the Amazon Rainforest.

Located 35 miles in a northwestern direction from Manaus, on the right bank of the Negro River, the complex can be reached by boat (about 1 hour 40 minutes).

More about Ariaú Amazon Towers: Back in the Trees Again

Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Though Manaus is the departing point for most Brazil Amazon jungle lodges, Cuiabá, MT will be your gateway to Alta Floresta and the outstanding Cristalino Jungle Lodge, a sustainable enterprise with a 27-square-mile private reserve and very comfortable rooms, including the new Superior Rooms.

Juma Lodge

The Juma Lodge is located three hours away from Manaus by boat (or 25 minutes by hydroplane).

Lago Lodge

Less than 40 miles south of Manaus, the Lago Lodge is located on a private island on Lake Mamori. The lodge, under Brazilian-American management, has recently undergone a complete renovation.

Pousada Amazônia

Pousada Amazônia is on the Ariaú River, a tributary of Negro River, 21 miles from Manaus on Highway AM 070 Manuel Urbano.

Pousada Uacari

The seven floating structures at Pousada Uacari have a total of 10 apartments.

One of the best known jungle lodges in Brazil, Pousada Uacari is involved in the Mamirauá Institute’s Ecotourism Program, which fosters local communities through sustainable projects.

Tiwa Amazonas Ecoresort

The Tiwa Amazonas Ecoresort is the closest jungle lodge to Manaus, just 10 kilometers (about 6 miles) away on the banks of the Negro River.

Surrounded by its own grounds of more than 2 square kilometers, Tiwa offers the services of a top-quality hotel and a safe rainforest experience to travelers who don't want to go too far from city life. Hotel tours can take you deeper into the rainforest.

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