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Copacabana Hotels

A Quick Reference List for Travelers to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Copacabana Hotels
Photo courtesy of Arena Copacabana Hotel.

Updated on April 21, 2011

This Copacabana Hotel A-Z covers hotels for all budgets. Hotels on Avenida Atlântica, which runs along the shoreline, are organized by address from Leme to Ipanema on a separate list of Copacabana beachfront hotels.

While Avenida Atlântica is very wide, with several traffic lanes and broad sidewalks, other busy avenues in Copacabana are relatively narrow, which could mean a greater level of noise in some rooms. Differences in hotel and room prices might have to do with details such as a location away from the street or thicker glass panes on the windows.

Before booking a hotel on the busiest streets, such as Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, Barata Ribeiro or Santa Clara, ask about insulating factors and try to get a room on a higher floor if you're facing traffic.

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