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Where to Stay in Brazil

Looking for an all-inclusive resort, a jungle hotel, a clean and friendly youth hostel where to lay down your backpack and put up your tired legs? Brazilian accommodations just keep getting better and more varied.
  1. Amazon Jungle Lodges (4)
  2. Bahia Hotels (52)
  3. Brazil Hostels (13)
  4. Minas Gerais Hotels (5)
  5. Pantanal Hotels (7)
  6. Paraná Hotels (3)
  7. Paraty Hotels (7)
  8. Pernambuco Hotels (10)
  9. Rio de Janeiro Hotels (40)
  10. Santa Catarina Hotels (16)
  11. Sao Paulo Hotels (13)

Vila do Patacho
A sustainable getaway on Praia do Patacho, with five houses and hotel comforts.

Porto das Pedras - Where to Stay in Porto das Pedras, Brazil
Where to stay in Porto das Pedras, a beautiful getaway on the Coral Coast, Alagoas.

Hotel Villaggio Tudo Bom
A peaceful getaway on beautiful Urua, one of the beaches in Beberibe, less than 60 miles from Fortaleza.

Txai Itacaré Resort

Marlin's Boutique Hotel

Beach Hotel Cambury
Beach Hotel Cambury, one of a group of hotels on Sao Paulo's North Shore, has good amenities for families and direct access to Camburi Beach.

Fazenda Dona Carolina
A historical coffee farm converted into a hotel, Fazenda Dona Carolina is also a great option for daytime cachaça tourism near São Paulo and Campinas.

Where to Stay in Campeche
Find a place to stay in Praia do Campeche, a beautiful beach and popular tourist destination in Florianopolis.

Casa do Lago
Casa do Lago is one of the best countryside getaways in Sao Paulo State, with outstanding culinary and amenities.

Mussulo Resort
One of the best beach resorts in Brazil, with great amenities for families, Mussulo Resort is in Conde, Paraíba.

Fazenda da Samambaia
A lovely getaway in Petropolis, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro State.

Fazenda da Samambaia
A lovely getaway in Petrópolis, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro State.

Top Hotels in Guarujá
Guarujá, one of the best beach destinations near São Paulo, has great luxury and mid-priced accommodations. Learn about your options and book online.

Vila Inglesa
Vila Inglesa, a traditional mountain hotel in Campos do Jordao, Brazil, regained its original name in 2011 after reopening as Villa Mazzaropi in 2009.

Kenoa Resort
Kenoa Resort, in Barra de Sao Miguel, is one of the top luxury beach resorts in Brazil. Learn more about Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort, opened in late 2009.

Porto de Pedras - Where to Stay in Porto de Pedras, Brazil
Porto de Pedras - Where to Stay in Porto de Pedras, Brazil

Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia, Praia do Patacho
Casa Patacho and Casa Olivia, owned by a British/Brazilian couple, are attractive places to stay on peaceful Praia do Patacho, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Pousada Patacho
Discover Pousada Patacho, elegantly designed in harmony with pristine Praia do Patacho - one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Hotel das Cataratas, Iguaçu National Park
Hotel das Cataratas, the only hotel within Iguacu National Park in Brazil, reopens with Orient Express flair, after a two-year restoration.

Recommend Hotels in Buzios, Brazil
Share your recommendations for great hotels or pousadas in Buzios.

Pousada Larimor in Boiçucanga, São Sebastião
Pousada Larimor is an affordable option for family travel on São Paulo's North Shore.

Pousada Tempo Rei Review
Review of affordable Pousada Tempo Rei in Boiçucanga, one of the best beaches for family and budget travel in São Sebastião.

Barreirinhas Hotel Guide
A guide to hotels and pousadas in Barreirinhas, gateway to Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Pousada Casa de Taipa, São Miguel do Gostoso
Pousada Casa de Taipa in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, RN, Brazil, offers comfort with traditional Northeastern decor (one room is accessible). Read about the pousada and its museum.

Pousada Casa de Taipa Photos
Photos of Pousada Casa de Taipa in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil.

São Miguel do Gostoso Pousadas
São Miguel do Gostoso, a beach town less than 70 miles from Natal, resists mass tourism with delightfulness on a small scale. Located on the corner of South America where the Brazil coast runs parallel with the Equator, the town is a top kitesurfing and windsurfing spot. High season is, in part, dictated by the winds - September to February...

Habitare Apart Hotel Photo Gallery
View photos of Habitare Apart Hotel in Nova Friburgo, one of the best hotels in the mountains known as the Imperial Range in Rio de Janeiro.

Hotels and Other Accommodations in Bzios, Brazil
Armao dos Bzios, (or simply Bzios), one of Brazil's top beach destinations, has hotels and pousadas for various budgets. Find them here, listed by beach.

Habitare Apart Hotel Review
Habitare Apart Hotel, in central Nova Friburgo, offers comfort and updated amenities in a great mountain destination in Rio de Janeiro.

Recommend a hotel in Gramado, RS
Share recommendations for your favorite hotel or pousada in Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Gramado Hotels
Gramado hotels are a gateway to the mountain comforts and European charms of this favorite mountain destination in Southern Brazil.

Maresias Hotels
Find hotels, pousadas and other accommodations in Maresias, one of the beaches of So Sebastio, SP.

Kur Water Station and Spa
A day spa by Kurotel in Gramado, RS.

All-Inclusive Hotels in Brazil
The complete list of all-inclusive (and all-beach) resorts in Brazil.

Brazil Motels
In Brazil, a motel is a short-stay hotel which affords couples privacy for sexual encounters.

Brazil Vacation Rentals
Basic information on renting a vacation house or condo in Brazil.

Cama e Cafe - A Brazilian Bed and Breakfast Network
Cama e Cafe is a Brazilian network of bed & breakfasts with members in Olinda (Pernambuco) and in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

Canadá Lodge
Canadá Lodge, in Campos do Jordão, SP, is a comfortable themed hotel in Capivari.

Chácara - country living the Brazilian way.

Estalagem do Mirante
Estalagem do Mirante, in Brumadinho, near Belo Horizonte, affords guests a romantic environment and awe-inspiring views.

Fazenda Sanjo
Fazenda Sanjo, on Ilha de Marajó, is one of the island's best places for ecotravel and rural tourism. Enjoy the routine of a buffalo ranch at the mouth of the Amazon River.

Where to Stay in Bonito, Brazil
Places to stay in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, one of the top ecotourism and adventure travel destinations in Brazil.

Hotel Fazenda Galo Vermelho
A guest ranch in Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro.

Hotel Frontenac
Comfort and high-quality cuisine in Campos do Jordão.

Monastery of Resurrection Lodging
Renew your spirit at the Monastery of Resurrection, a peaceful Benedictine haven in Paraná.

Parque Hotel Santa Amália
One of the best hotels in Vassouras, in Rio de Janeiro State's Coffee Valley.

Pousada Confraria da Terra
A B&B with just five rooms in Capivari, Campos do Jordão.

Pousada do O
Guide Review of Pousada do O, in Tiradentes, Brazil, an affordable inn with a charming and friendly ambience.

Pousada Lite
Pousada Lite is a less expensive option by the same owners of Canadá Lodge for accommodations in Capivari, the center of touristic activity in Campos do Jordão .

Pousada Telhado de Ouro
A Campos do Jordão hotel located in the Capivari district.

Romantic Hotels and Pousadas in Nova Friburgo, Brazil
Find romantic hotels and pousadas in Nova Friburgo, in Rio de Janeiro State.

Roteiros de Charme - Brazil's Charm Hotel Association
Roteiros de Charme is a Brazilian association of beautiful and charming hotels and inns known for their great location, comfortable facilities and outstanding service.

Safari's Farm
Safari's Farm, a hotel fazenda (farm hotel) in Tibagi, Paraná, offers guests lots of fun rural and ecotourism activities.

Secrets to Finding Lower Hotel Rates
Tips from Charlyn Keating Chisholm, About.com Guide to Hotels / Resorts / Inns.

Toca das Bromélias
Toca das Bromélias is a rare budget B&B in Capivari, the hippest district in Campos do Jordão.

Top 5 Brazil Hotels with a Palace Atmosphere
For a luxury honeymoon or romantic getaway in Brazil, consider these five hotels with an aura of royalty.

Luxury Hotels in Campos do Jordão, SP
Discover luxury hotels in Campos do Jordao, Brazil.

Camburi Hotel Guide
Find hotels in Camburi (and neighboring Camburizinho), one of the most beautiful beaches in São Sebastião.

Bourbon Atibaia Convention & Spa Resort
Bourbon Atibaia Spa Resort, part of an all-Brazilian hotel and resort chain, caters both to business and family travel in Atibaia, one hour away from São Paulo.

Chez Wadi Profile and Photos
A charming guest house and a good value on Manguinhos Beach, Búzios.

Mirante da Colyna
Mirante da Colyna, located atop a hill, is one of the most comfortable and romantic hotels in Monte Verde.

Travel Inn Praia Bonita Convention & Resort
Travel Inn Praia Bonita Resort & Convention, opened in 2010, is located on Camurupim Beach in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, near Natal.

Where to Stay in Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Brazil
Find Pousadas in Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas.

Interview with Alison McGowan
Alison McGowan of Hidden Pousadas Brazil on booking the perfect pousada in Brazil's most wonderful destinations.

Praia da Pipa Hotels
Praia da Pipa, the most popular stretch of the Tibau do Sul coast in Brazil, has great hotels, pousadas and hostels.

Where to Stay in Conde, Brazil
Conde, near Joao Pessoa, has budget seafront pousadas, a major resort, a hostel, and pousadas in Tambaba, the local naturist beach.

Where to Stay in Boipeba
Boipeba, on Bahia's Dende Coast, is one of Brazil's most attractive and peaceful island destinations. Find out where to stay.

Mercure Grand Hotel São Paulo Parque do Ibirapuera

Hosteling International Brazil
Official website of HI International in Brazil.

Botanique, in Campos do Jordão, has redefined luxury travel in Brazil.

Village Resort Mata Encantada
Village Mata Encantada offers guests comfort and peace in bucolic Santo Andre, on Bahia's Discovery Coast.

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