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Inhotim Botanic Garden
Photo by Ricardo Mallaco/Instituto Inhotim

 In 2010, Inhotim was recoginized as a Botanic Garden. In the colletion comprised of approximately 5,000 species, two species stand out:  palms (Arecaceae) and Araceae, which includes the caladium and anthurium. 

Besides lending itself to socioenvironmental activities aimed at the community, the gardens, associated with the institute's research facilites, contribute to the conservation of species beyond Inhotim. Rainforest and cerrado are important biomes preserved.

About 62 of the institute's nearly 272 acres of secondary forest are gardens. An additional 358.acres are protected as a private natural heritage reservation (RPPN) which plays an important role in connectint Inhotim to the southern portion of Cadeia do Espinhaço (Espinhaço Range), one of the world's outstanding biodiversity centers.

You'll find plenty of native Brazilian plant species around the museum's five lakes. The park is home to at least 136 species of birds.

Landscape design was planned in such a way to surprise the senses, with scenic vistas and enticing corners which unfold before you as you tread the winding paths.

As a member of the Brazilian Network of Botanic Gardens, Inhotim is committed to working towards the targets set by the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.






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