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Kuikuro Man

Annual Kuikuro Visit to Toca da Raposa, São Paulo


Kuikuro Man
Pedro Rezende/Courtesy of Toca da Raposa.

A Kuikuro man displays striking traditional adornments and body art at Toca da Raposa.

Ancestors of the Kuikuro have long inhabited the Xingu National Park area. Archeological finds show that the technologies and the economic basis of the Kuikuro and other upper Xingu groups date back to about 2,000 years. Hunting is not an important activity to the Kuikuro, whose major diet staples are manioc (complemented by other crops, amounting to about 90% of their diet) and fish. Seasonal fruit, honey and other items add variety to their diet.

The Kuikuro have a deep understanding of constellations and time some of their rituals and activities according to the heliacal rising of certain stars.

Source: Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

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