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Brazilian Indigenous Peoples

Discover the rich and complex universe of Brazil's indigenous peoples.

Q & A: Isolated Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

Kuikuro Photo Gallery
Photos of the Kuikuro from Xingu National Park during their annual visit to Toca da Raposa, São Paulo. Photographer: Pedro Rezende.

The Kuikuro Visit São Paulo - Meet the Kuikuro Indians at Toca da Raposa
Meet members of the Kuikuro Indians during their annual visit to Toca da Raposa, near São Paulo.

Indian Tribes of the Xingu River Basin
A wealth of information about the tribes that inhabit the Xingu River Basin by anthropologist Margaret Ann Smith, Ph.D.

Indigenous Peoples of Brazil Encyclopedia
Information about Brazilian indigenous peoples by Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), a Brazilian non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting indigenous rights and environmental issues.

The Hidden Tribes of the Amazon by Erling Söderström
Downloadable version of the award-winning documentary about the Korubo and uncontacted peoples of the Amazon by filmmaker Erling Söderström.

National Indigenous Culture Festival

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