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Brazilian Music

Brazilian music is an important element of any trip to Brazil. You will listen and maybe dance to it everywhere. Get familiar with Brazilian music styles - samba, frevo, rock and more - and find out what makes them so distinctive.

10 Great Songs by Adoniran Barbosa
Adoniran Barbosa (1910-1982), the raspy-voiced and humble king of root São Paulo samba, portrayed life's hardships and funny moments in his songs. Many traits of 20th-century São Paulo are vividly represented in his lyrics: the train, working class neighborhoods, bars,favelas. His best characters are people who work and party hard, suffer for love or lose whatever little they possess. In 201…

Salvador Carnival Music Videos
Some of the best YouTube videos featuring popular Salvador Carnival groups.

What is Frevo?
The feverish rhythm of Recife and Olinda Carnival - resist it if you can.

Watch Samba-Enredo Video Samples from Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2008
Watch Rio Carniva Parade 2008 video samples and get ready for Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2009!

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