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Goiabada, or guava paste, is a sweet made from guavas and one of the most popular foods in Brazil. It can be a soft paste or firm enough to be cut, but the basic recipe is essentially the same and consists of nothing but guavas, sugar and water. What alters consistency is the length of cooking time.

Like many other fruit-based desserts, goiabada dates back to colonial times, when the abundance of native guava trees and the production of sugar on the country's many sugar cane plantations turned it into a common treat.

Besides canned goiabada made by large food industries, there is a lot of handcrafted goiabada in Brazil, especially goiabada cascão.

Goiabada is the Juliet in the nickname Romeu and Julieta for the combination of goiabada and cheese, usually queijo Minas.

Pronunciation: goya-BAH-da
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