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Patricia Ribeiro

Catupiry is a trademark for a specific kind of Brazilian cream cheese that was first made by Italian immigrant Mário Silvestrini in Minas Gerais State in 1911. The company moved to São Paulo in 1949.

Catupiry cheese is very popular in Brazil and used in many ways, for example:

  • spread on French rolls
  • eaten as a dessert with sweets such as goiabada and doce de leite
  • as a pastel, pão de queijo (cheese roll) or esfiha filling
  • as an ingredient in many recipes, such as catupiry pizza or shrimp in the pumpkin with catupiry.

To cut costs, many pizza places and snack bars use wholesale substitutes for Catupiry cheese.

Over the years, Catupiry has diversified its product line and modernized packaging without giving up tradition completely. The original wooden case in which the wrapped Catupiry used to be packaged (photo) is now made of reusable polypropylene, but the logo has remained.

The product is also sold in different containers, such as glass cups.

Catupiry website

Pronunciation: ca-too-pi-REE
Also Known As: Queijo Catupiry
Common Misspellings: Catupiri

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