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Brazil Postal Codes

How to Locate Brazil Postal Codes in the Correios Website


Brazil postal codes for every street address in Brazil can be easily found in the Correios (Brazil Postal Service) website.

CEP (Código de Endereçamento Postal) is the eight-digit Brazilian postal code. If you have a complete Brazil address except for the postal code, here's how you can use the CEP database:

  • Go to the CEP Search (Busca CEP page, www.buscacep.correios.com.br).
  • Choose the state abbreviation in the UF(Federation Unit, or state) scroll down box.
  • Choose the street denomination (alley, avenue, street etc.) in the Tipo (Kind) scroll down box.
  • Type just the name of the street in Logradouro.
  • In No/Lote/Apto/Casa type in the street number for the address (complements are not necessary).
  • Click the yellow button to the left, where it says OK.
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