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Cities in Brazil

A guide to touristic cities in Brazil, with tips about sightseeing, top attractions, shopping, restaurants and hotels.
  1. Belem, PA (3)
  2. Belo Horizonte, MG (44)
  3. Brasília (15)
  4. Cuiaba, MT (3)
  5. Curitiba, PR (7)
  6. Florianópolis, SC (26)
  7. Fortaleza, CE (4)
  8. Maceio, AL (3)
  9. Manaus, AM (16)
  10. Natal, RN (6)
  11. Nova Friburgo, RJ (18)
  12. Olinda, PE (8)
  13. Ouro Preto, MG (6)
  14. Paraty, RJ (19)
  15. Porto Alegre (8)
  16. Recife, PE (17)
  17. Rio de Janeiro, RJ (190)
  18. Salvador, BA (15)
  19. Sao Luís, MA (3)
  20. Sao Paulo, SP (150)
  21. Tiradentes. MG (3)
  22. Ubatuba, SP (5)
  23. Visconde de Maua (2)

São Luís, Maranhão
São Luís, in Northeastern Brazil, is one of three Brazilian state capitals located on an island. Discover São Luís attractions, such as its folklore and architecture (a Unesco World Heritage site).

Blumenau, SC
Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, is a thriving city which retains the picturesque atmosphere of its European roots.

Bombinhas, SC
Bombinhas, near Florianopolis, has some of the best beaches for families in Brazil, as well as great diving and deserted beaches.

Brazil Postal Codes
How to find Brazil postal codes in the Correios (Brazil Postal Service) website when you have a street address.

Campos do Jordao, SP
A favorite mountain destination in Sao Paulo State.

Caruaru, PE
Caruaru, about 82 miles from Recife, capital of Pernambuco (northeastern Brazil), is famous for its street market, St. John's Festival in June and figurative ceramics.

Imbituba, SC
Imbituba, in Santa Catarina, is one the best beach destinations in Brazil for whale watching, surfing, windsurfing,and kitesurfing.

Mostardas, RS
Mostardas, a city in Rio Grande do Sul, is the gateway to Lagoa dos Peixes National Park, a birdwatcher's paradise. Read about Mostardas attractions.

Petrópolis, RJ
Petrópolis, just an hour away from Rio de Janeiro, is a mountain town with historic appeal and a number of ecotourism and adventure leisure options.

Pomerode Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of scenic Pomerode, in Santa Catarina.

Pomerode, SC
Pomerode is known as "the most German town in Brazil".

Sabará, MG
Sabara, one of key towns in Brazil's 18th-century Gold Cycle, boasts baroque churches and a rich culture less than 15 miles from Belo Horizonte.

The Petrópolis Cathedral
One of the city's top attractions and a venue in the Petrópolis Winter Festival.

Vassouras, RJ
Vassouras, one of the main cities in the scenic Paraiba River Valley and home to historic cofee farms, is located less than 80 miles from Rio de Janeiro.

Alcântara, Maranhão (MA)
Alcântara, in Maranhão, is a colonial town which can be reached by boat from São Luís, the state capital. Old architecture, folk culture and museums are some of the local attractions.

Sabará, Brazil
Sabara, one of key towns in Brazil's 18th-century Gold Cycle, has baroque churches and a rich culture less than 15 miles from Belo Horizonte.

Our Lady of Fatima Church (Igrejinha)
Our Lady of Fatima Church (Igrejinha), Brasilia's first brick-and-mortar construction, has a best-loved bird tile mural by Athos Bulcao.

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