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Búzios Travel Guide


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Top Destination on Brazil's Sun Coast
Búzios Travel Guide

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Updated on May 27, 2014

Búzios is the best-known destination on Costa do Sol, a 190-mile stretch of beaches north of Rio de Janeiro which comprises 13 cities.  Its sunny winters make it a perfect side trip from Rio, a host city in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

A five-mile peninsula with 23 scenic beaches and a pleasant town center, Búzios confirms the Sun Coast's weather attributes. The city's particular geographical conditions, such as its distance from Serra do Mar - Brazil's coastal range - and winds which blow in all seasons make it one of the sunniest beach destinations in Brazil, drier than Rio de Janeiro and the state's other beaches to the south. Búzios has plenty of winter days with clear skies and temperatures in the 70s.

Made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, Búzios has been in fashion since then. In recent years has gained an array of charming hotels and pousadas, fine restaurants and clubs.

Orla Bardot, the central beachfront boulevard, and Rua das Pedras, lined with charming restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, are meeting spots for a beautiful crowd. In the summer, there is a surge in the number of parties.

With plenty of things to do - windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, hiking - Búzios has what it takes to attract active travelers. Hotels with large rooms and recreation, paired with the village atmosphere, calm beaches and friendly weather, also make it a great destination for families with children.

Though tourism has become the focus of local economic activity, fishing persists as a means of subsistence. The city's full name, Armação de Búzios, tells of its fishing past with armação either as a fishing method or as in reference to whaleship building. According to historians, Búzios ("conches") refers to large molusk shells used as horns by local indigenous tribes as they warned of approaching Portuguese.

Búzios is a port of call on international cruises such as the one aboard the Celebrity Infinity. The visit gives passengers time to tour central Búzios attractions and even take a catamaran to nearby beaches and islands.

Where to Stay:

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When to Go:

Thanks to its position on the Brazil coast, Búzios tends to be sunnier, drier and warmer than other Southeastern beaches, which makes it a great destination for winter travel in Brazil (June-August) as well as for the other seasons.

Try to book hotels in advance if you're planning to visit in July, winter break month for Brazil students. Summer is very busy in Búzios, of course, with New Year's Day and Carnival as peaks of touristic demand.

How to Get There:

Ask your hotel or pousada about transfers from Rio or nearby towns, such as Cabo Frio.

The Cabo Frio Airport, about 18 miles from Búzios, receives flights from several cities in Brazil. You can then arrange a transfer to your hotel or even take a taxi.

Búzios has an airport of its own for small planes - Umberto Modiano (55-22-2629-1225). In Rio de Janeiro, some of the companies offering flights to Búzios are:

  • Líder (55-21-2431-5545)
  • Aeróleo (55-21-2543-1260)
  • Helistar (55-21-3325-6300)
  • Team (55-21-3318-1616, www.voeteam.com.br)

Viação 1001 (55-21-4004-5001, www.autoviacao1001.com.br) has daily buses to Búzios from Rio's bus terminal (Rodoviária Novo Rio).

Sun Coast Cities:

Rio de Janeiro State's Sun Coast is also known as the Blue Coast or as Região dos Lagos (Lake Region). Its main cities, moving north from Rio, are:

  • Saquarema
  • Araruama
  • Arraial do Cabo
  • Cabo Frio
  • São Pedro da Aldeia
  • Armação de Búzios
  • Barra de São João
  • Rio das Ostras
  • Macaé
  • Barra de Macaé
  • São João da Barra
  • Quissamã
  • Itabapoana

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