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Jurerê Internacional - Florianópolis


Jurerê Internacional - Florianópolis
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Jurerê Overview:

Updated on July 16, 2012

Clean waters, white sands, easy access - about 20 minutes from downtown Florianópolis - are some of the reasons to visit Jurerê, on the northwest coast of Santa Catarina Island.

But what sets it apart from other beaches in Florianópolis is Jurerê Internacional, an upscale planned community whose accommodations - hotels and rental homes - attract about 6,000 tourists every summer, according to the official site.

To cater to the upscale crowd, some beach clubs and restaurants have opened their doors right on the sands of Jurerê.

International and Traditional :

A part of the beach where an older community was established is called Jurerê Tradicional, or simply Jurerê. The hipper stretch is known by the development's name - Jurerê Internacional.

Although taken by an exclusive crowd, the beach is open and local families or tourists who are staying at other beaches come to spend the day. Jurerê is popular among parents due to its gentle waves.

Music Park:

Great concerts with Brazilian and international artists take place at the Stage area at Music Park, which also holds Pacha and Posh.

Snoop Dogg and Jota Quest are hosting concerts at the Stage Music Park in 2011.

Rodovia Maurício Sirdisky Sobrinho, s/nº. SC-402, KM 1
Jurerê Internacional
Florianópolis - Santa Catarina
Phone: 55-48-3282-2054

Rstaurants, Lounges and Clubs:

In recent summers, Jurerê International has jumped to the forefront of high beach life in Brazil thanks to its restaurants, lounges and clubs, starring:

Great cuisine and DJs help make these spots favorites among foreign and Brazilian travelers, including many celebrities.

Hotels and Pousadas in Jurerê:

Jurerê is home to some of the top hotels in Florianópolis. Expect great comfort and amenities at these hotels:

Pousadas in Jurerê Internacional:

More Hotels and Pousadas in Jurerê:

Réveillon and Carnival at Jurerê:

The beach lounges at Jurerê have great New Year's Eve (Réveillon)and Carnival parties. Read about New Year's Eve 2012 parties.

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