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Praia do Prumirim

Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil


Praia do Prumirim
René Nakaya - Courtesy Ascom Ubatuba

Next to Praia das Conchas, Prumirim is a crescent-shaped beach known for a nearby waterfall which forms a natural pool. The beach is good for surfing; Prumirim Island (Ilha de Prumirim) is better for diving.

Some food kiosks and a campground - Camping Prumirim compose the laidback beach scene. Some nearby houses are available for vacation rentals. One of them is Kiko Horácio's Casinha do Prumirim. Kiko speaks English and has kayaks guests can rent to go to Prumirim Island.

Prumirim is not far from a guarani indigenous community. Tours to the village and to nearby waterfalls can be scheduled with A.M.E.U. - the Ubatuba Association of Ecotourism Guides. They use cell phones; ask Ubatuba's tourist information (phone 12-3833-9123) for their latest number.

Prumirim and nearby Almada were the locations for freakish movie Turistas. In an Prhttp://movies.about.com/od/turistas/a/turistjs112706.htm">interview to the About.com Guide to Movies, director John Stockwell relates how he and his crew witnessed a gunpoint car robbery in a large city upon arrival in Brazil. But apparently they were not tortured in Prumirim like the characters in the movie and even enjoyed working with the locals.

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