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Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil


René Nakaya - Courtesy Ascom Ubatuba

Located at the point where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses the Brazilian coast, Itaguá Beach forms a bay with neighboring Praia do Cruzeiro. Though it's not the best beach for bathing due to poor water quality reports, Itaguá, as the center of Ubatuba city life, is packed with attractions for all ages. The local unit of Brazil's renowned sea turtle conservation project - Projeto Tamar, Museu do Caiçara (www.muscai.com.br), a museum dedicated to documenting and preserving elements of the caiçara lifestyle, and the Ubatuba Aquarium are some of them.

Hotels, restaurants, shops, nightlife - you'll find all of those in the Itaguá area, which is also home to Camping Itaguá.

The beach affords a vantage point for viewing fireworks displays and some of the best partying on the Brazil coast during New Year's Eve in Ubatuba.

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