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Ubatuba Beaches

Meeting of Sea and Forest


Ubatuba, one of the main cities on the North Shore of São Paulo State, has 92 beaches. Many of them are touched by hills belonging to Serra do Mar, or the Sea Range, and preserved Atlantic Forest. Some are on the area's islands.

These photos are but a tiny sample of the entrancing images which result from the interplay of sea and forest along the Ubatuba coast.

You'll also catch a glimpse of a central Ubatuba beach in the high season. In the summer, what shields some of the most pristine beaches is the fact that they lie beyond trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

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Praia das ConchasPraia do PrumirimPraia Grande in High Season Praia Vermelha do Norte
PicinguabaItaguáPraia da LagoaIlha das Couves
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