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Brazilian Carnival Exotica 2012 in Los Angeles


Samba, Capoeira and Caipirinha at Club Nokia
Brazilian Carnival Exotica 2012 in Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Brazilian Nites Productions.

Feb.7, 2012.

Samba and Carnival hits played by a top-notch band, dancers in tiny sequined costumes, a Rio Carnival simulcast and a big crowd eager to party will bring the sizzle of Brazilian Carnival to the LA once more.

Brazilian Carnival Exotica, one of the top Brazil Carnival parties outside Brazil, is coming to its 12th edition. This year it's going to be a post-Carnival party, so you have time to enjoy the festivities in Brazil (Fat Tuesday is Feb.21) and still catch this great bash which has drawn over 3,000 people every year.

Brazilian Nites Productions are behind the success of Brazilian Carnival Exotica. They put their expertise in Brazilian music and culture to work in the selection of attractions for the party.

The LA Samba School, the All Star band, managed by Chalo Eduardo (who's performed with Sergio Mendes, Santana, Mickey Hart, and Ricky Martin) and SambaDá are the main attractions. DJ Chris Brazil will spin additional Brazilian dance music between sets.

Brazilian Nites Samba Dancers, dressed in sequined biquinis and plumes and directed and choreographed by Joany Macias, will be on the floor throughout the party. So will capoeira pros. The video visual environment featuring Brazilian sites and culture by Leonardo Bondani (who has performed with Moby, Deep Forest, Lila Downs, and the Mexican Institute of Sound) will include a Rio Carnaval simulcast.

There will be mass choreography with Fransini Giraldo from Samba Body. Samba dancing is quite a workout!) You can get a head start with Fransini's samba fitness DVDs or learn some basic moves on YouTube - including some essential steps posted by Samba Body.

The party will also feature a participatory 100-drummer drum circle by Remo. Tickets include a drawing for a trip for two to Brazil. Caipirinhas and Brazilian food for purchase, Brazilian arts and crafts, Havaianas are available at Exotica; Mardi Gras beads, tambourines and shakers are the giveaways.

Costumes are more than welcome, but not mandatory. You'll see lots of people dressed in regular nightclub-type clothes or Brazil soccer jerseys. On the other hand, dancers and performers on stage put on quite a glittery show in outfits like those worn by samba schools to the Sambódromo.

If you would like to dress up, rent some fun accessories to complement regular clothes, or go for a light costume at one of the area's specialized stores such as Adele's of Hollywood. You can also buy something fun at shops such as Hollywood Toys and Costumes.

Brazilian Carnival Exotica 2012:

When: February 25, 2012 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Where: Club Nokia - 800 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015
Tickets: $42.50 ($52.50 at the door); $65 for preferred seating ($75 at the door). An all-access pass and group discounts are available.
Phone: (818) 566-1111.
Website: www.BrazilianNites.com

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