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Solar das Artes


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Morro de São Paulo - Cairu, Bahia, Brazil
Solar das Artes
Patricia Ribeiro

Aug.29, 2012

One of the most charming places to stay in Morro de São Paulo, Solar das Artes Pousada Boutique is located at a central square, one of the village's picturesque and historical spots. A beach - Primeira Praia - and the pier where the catamarans arrive from Salvador are close by.

The pousada on split levels has several cozy corners filled with art objects, from a replica of the Nike of Samothrace to original paintings, local crafts and handmade objects brought from world travels.

Guest rooms with poetic themes, a great café, a small pool, a newly created reading room and a vintage clothing shop (brechó) with great finds are some of its appeals. A space next to the vintage shop is rented to Bicho Mundi (www.bichomundi.com.br), a designer's label with clothes in delightfully bright patterns.

The owners also have Solar das Artes in Pelourinho, the famous historical district in Salvador. Both pousadas are good options for romantic travel or friends discovering Bahia, but thanks to their location near top attractions and the availability of rooms that are small but cozy, they're also worth a look by solo travelers.

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Address & Contact Information:

Praça Aureliano Lima 155
Morro de São Paulo
Cairu - BA
Phone: 55-75-2652-1057

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