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Pousada Vila Serrano


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Pousada Vila Serrano
Photo courtesy of Vila Serrano

Much of the hiking in Chapada Diamantina involves delightful dips in natural pools such as Águas Claras on the Morrão Trail, a popular day trip from Lençóis.

However, as is the case with Águas Claras, after those refreshing soaks there's often a long hike back to the departing point - which is why it's so good to be able to relax and restore your muscles in a day spa such as the one at Pousada Vila Serrano. You can book the hot tub or therapies such as massages and reiki (paid separately).

Amenities and services included in the rates are the healthy breakfast consisting of organic food, including some grown on the property; a library; a living area with a plasma TV; chess and ping pong; and wireless internet.

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