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Maitei Hotel


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Arraial d'Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil
Maitei Hotel
Photo courtesy of Maitei Hotel.

Oct.11, 2012

Mucugê, a beach in pretty Arraial d'Ajuda - a district of Porto Seguro, on Bahia's Discovery Coast - is home to Maitei Hotel, one of the region's best places to stay.

Upgraded comforts and beach views which unfold below the restaurant, deck and apartment windows are good reasons to enjoy this getaway with a focus on relaxation and peace.

The hotel owes its functional architectural beauty to Luciano Soares (lucianosoares.com), whose work is known for the use of natural materials.

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Contact and Reservations:

Estrada do Mucugê 475
Arraial D'Ajuda - Porto Seguro, BA
Phone/Fax: 55-73-3575-3799/ 3575-3877
MSN: hotelmaitei@hotmail.com
skype: hotel.maitei

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