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Hotel Pousada Canto das Águas


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View from Hotel Pousada Canto das Águas

Patricia Ribeiro

April 12, 2012

Hotel Pousada Canto das Águas is one of the top four hotels in Lençóis (pop. 10,368), the main gateway to Chapada Diamantina in Bahia.

The location on a large property cut by the Lençóis River, with beautifully tended bloom-filled gardens makes for a quiet refuge in the smack center of the 19th-century town and gives the hotel its name ("Water Song").

Comfortable rooms, a creek-shaped pool, a massage tent surrounded by lush greenery, and efficient staff providing from attentive front desk service to hearty breakfasts and dinners are some of the perks of this hotel opened in 1986 and a member of Roteiros de Charme, Brazil's charm hotel association.

Sustainable practices include the selective collection of trash, the use of solar heating, biodegradable products, and objects made from recycled elements by local artisans; and investments in reforestation and in the development of the local community. Canto das Águas is the recipient of Brazil's first Sustainable Hotel seal, issued by ABNT - the Brazilian Association of Technical Norms.

Common areas are bathed in daylight and pleasantly decorated with natural elements and works by local artists. One of the most striking touches is the richly detailed front desk panel by Lençóis artist Jiovaldo Chaves Araújo, known as Jotacê, who also makes expressive, boldly colorful figures in clay and other materials.

Besides offering internet service (request a password at the front desk) the hotel also has an internet cafe with a couple of computers.


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