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Majestade Show


Lapa Nightlife, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Majestade Show
Photo courtesy of Majestade Show.

Oct.2, 2012

The building once occupied by Asa Branca, a popular samba hall in Lapa, is now Majestade Show - which in turn used to be a club at Feira de São Cristovão, Rio's Brazilian Northeast fair.

The building with a capacity for over 800 has been completely renovated and has lounge-style boxes on the ground floor and the mezzanine, a bar and pool hall on the second floor, and tables on the veranda. The dance floor alone has a capacity for 400.

The boxes around the stage vary in capacity from four to eight people, and on the mezzanine, from four to seven.

Drinks at the bar (which has been renovated too) vary from a caipirinha for R$10 to a Black Label/Red Bull combo for R$300. Like any Rio hangout worth their salt, the house has codfish croquettes (R$30) and other finger foods in the R$30-R$50 range (the menu is online; see "Cardápio").

Music at Majestade Show

Asa Branca, one of the most popular gafieiras (a type of dance hall) in Rio, became particularly famous for shows featuring Wando (Wanderley Alves dos Reis, 1945-2012). His romantic-erotic musical style, plus panty giveaways first launched as a 1990 album promo, got his fans into the habit of tossing panties onto the stage during his shows - his record-breaking panty collection was in the 17000s.

Asa Branca later became more eclectic, with a pop/indie vibe thanks to crowds such as Party Busters (find their upcoming venues on the official website).

Majestade Show is kicking traditions of its own in the Lapa venue with regular parties featuring some powerful names in Rio de Janeiro music: Ivo Mierelles at the helm of Ensaio Carioca (Carioca Rehearsal) on Thursdays, with featured guests; Sandra de Sá and guests in Baculejo, Fridays; and Fundo de Quintal heating up samba and pagode on Saturdays with Caldeirão Majestade, or the Majesty Cauldron. There are also specials performances for happy hour.

Styles vary widely, from funk and samba to pop from the 1980s.


Thur-Sat 6 p.m. on


Ages 18 and up only
Dance floor R$30, boxes R$40-$45

Address & Contact Information:

Avenida Mem de Sá 21
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: 55-21-2252-1687

Major credit cards accepted

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