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Pratinha Guide


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Swimming and Zip Lining at Pratinha
Pratinha Guide

View from the zip lining station at Pratinha.

Patricia Ribeiro

The pond formed by the Pratinha River outside the cave has a 230-foot long zipline, all with imported materials, which drops into the water from a height of 40 feet.

For a more sedate time, just ease yourself into the clear waters of the pond, surrounded by vegetation. There are also pedal boats.

Tips for Visitors:

Best Time to Visit Pratinha - Between April and September, the incidence of light in the Blue Cave is best. Also, after the rainy season at the end of the summer, the water in the pond and the cave could be muddy and the park, temporarily closed for that reason. Avoid extended holidays, when there are likely to be lines.

How to Get There - You can fly from Salvador to Lençóis with Trip. Lençóis-based tour operators such as Volta ao Parque or Zentur include Pratinha in their tours. Iraquara is 76 kilometers (about 47 miles) from Lençóis and Pratinha is about 9 kilometers from central Iraquara.

Pratinha by Car - Independent travelers used to driving in Brazil would drive north from Lençóis to BR-242, drive west on BR-242 to the BR-122 exit and follow the signs to Pratinha (about 4 miles on a dirt road).

Visitor Limits and Prices - There are daily limits for the number of visitors allowed into Pratinha (90 total a day, 12 people at a time for the floating etc). Prices per person: Admission R$15, floating R$20/person, zip line R$10 (prices subject to change).

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