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Mirante do Campo Redondo


Ibicoara, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Mirante do Campo Redondo
João Ramos/Bahiatursa

One of the most photographed spots in Chapada Diamantina, Mirante do Campo Redondo (Round Field Lookout Point) juts out from the erosion-sculpted contours of the landscape around Ibicoara, in the southern part of the Chapada.

Local tour guides usually include the lookout point in tours of Buracão ("Big Hole"), one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of Brazil.

Chapada Diamantina, a plateau which gets its name from the Diamond Cycle that hit the area in the 19th century, is rich in exquisite sedimentary rock formations such as mesas and anticlines. Under the ocean millions of years ago, the region's cliffs, caves and valleys, such as Campo Redondo, are eagerly sought after in its new life as a top ecotourism and adventure destination in Brazil.

Though only a small part of the Ibicoara is within the borders of Chapada Diamantina National Park, the town has its own share of preserved land in the Espalhado Natural Municipal Park, with Buracao Waterfall as its main attraction and great stops on the trail leading to it, including Mirante do Campo Redondo, the Espalhado River pools, and other waterfalls - Orquídeas (Orchids) and Recanto Verde (Green Corner).

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