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Terceira Praia


Morro de São Paulo, Cairu, Bahia
Terceira Praia
Photo by Eliane de Souza, author of 'Lilica foi viajar' (http://lilicafoiviajar.blogspot.com/)

Separated from Segunda Praia (Second Beach) by Ilha da Saudade, a long, narrow islet with coconut trees, Terceira Praia (Third Beach) is a beach with a little more quiet and yet a place with restaurants, kiosks serving food and drinks, restaurants and a few pousadas, including one of Morro's best.

Up next is Quarta Praia, a gorgeous, expansive stretch which is followed by Quinta Praia.

Not far from the shore is Caitá, an islet surrounded by coral reefs and with a single coconut tree on it. It's possible to reach it by kayak, and you can also arrange scuba diving and snorkeling tours of its surroundings.

From here, tourists can take a speedboat to Boipeba for a day trip or take a "Volta à Ilha", or round-the-island tour of Tinharé, an all-day experience which includes Boiepa, with stops at several scenic beaches such as Moreré, Cueira and Boca da Barra.

Places to stay include chic Villa dos Corais, on the meeting point of Terceira and Quarta Praia, and also more affordable options:

From Terceira Praia, it's a short walk to Segunda Praia; Primeira Praia, the village center and Morro's portal and pier are next.

With many thanks to Brazilian journalist Eliane de Souza for the right to use her beautiful, sunny photo of Terceira Praia.

The author visited Cairu, Morro and Boipeba on a press trip. See the About.com Ethics Policy.

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