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Things to Do in Natal - Brazil Travel - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... Natal, one of Brazil's top beach destinations and a host city in the 2014 World Cup.
Natal Beaches - Brazil Travel - About.com
Natal beaches fascinate travelers with their wild mix of intense sunshine, wind, and sand dunes. Lined with great hotels, Natal beaches are among the most ...
Natal Photos - Brazil Travel - About.com
Forte dos Reis Magos, in Natal, is one of the best known fors on the Brazil coast and a top Natal attraction.Built in 1598, the fort was invaded by the Dutch in ...
Uranus (Transit) to Natal Mercury - An Astrologer's Experience
Author Eileen Grimes with her take on the Uranus transit to natal Mercury -- one of mental discovery and going out of your mind!
Understanding Natal Mercury Retrograde - About Astrology
Recently, I read a description of those with Mercury Rx in their natal charts. That the natives are more likely to skip around a book, than read front to back.
Pluto (Transit) to Natal Mercury - An Astrologer's Experience
A journal-style narrative of Pluto transit to (natal) Mercury with unfolding insights ( by astrologer-author Eleen Grimes).
Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets - About Astrology
An eclipse (degree) that matches a planet (or stellium of planets) has a big impact. What's your forecast?
Natal Moon Phase - What Does It Say about You? - About Astrology
It was a zippy revelatory moment for me, to find out the Moon phase I was born in. Are you a full, half-Moon or new Moon kinda person? Do you have a waxing or ...
Best of Kwazulu-Natal - Africa Travel - About.com
South Africa has 9 provinces. This series of articles highlights the best of the country's tourist attractions in each. Kwazulu-Natal is a one of the richest tourist ...
Praia do Cotovelo - Photo of Cotovelo Beach, Natal, Brazil
Praia do Cotovelo is a great beach for families near Natal, Brazil.
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