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Brazil Food & Drink Glossary - Brazil Travel - About.com
Discover the meaning of typical Brazilian food and drink terms and get some background information to help you understand the richness of Brazilian cuisine.
Couvert at Brazil Restaurants - Definition - Brazil Food & Drink ...
Definition of couvert. What travelers must know in order not to be charged inadvertently at a Brazil restaurant.
Farofa - Brazil Food Glossary - Brazil Travel - About.com
Brazil Food & Drink · Brazil Food & Drink Glossary ... Food: Farofa is a dish made from toasted manioc flour and complements that may include bacon, onions, ...
Kaol Definition - Definition of Kaol - Brazil Food - Brazil Travel
Kaol is an acronym for a typical Minas Gerais food and cachaca combo, made famous by ... Brazil Food & Drink · Brazil Food & Drink Glossary. Kaol - Definition.
What Is Mocotó in Brazilian Food? - Brazil Travel - About.com
Brazil Food & Drink · Brazil Food & Drink Glossary ... Definition: Mocotó is the term used in Brazil for cow's feet and for the stew prepared from that meat. ... Caldo de mocotó, a broth often served in Northeastern food restaurants,...
Cataia - Brazil Food and Drink Glossary - Brazil Travel - About.com
Definition: Feb.15, 2012. Cataia (P. pseudocaryophyllus) grows in a restricted area of Brazil: the Superagui National Park in Paraná and nearby Ilha do Cardoso ...
Brazil Food and Drink - Brazil Travel - About.com
A guide to Brazil food and drink,including typical dishes, native fruits, and general information about restaurants. ... Drinks (4). Food & Drink Glossary (32) ...
Xiboquinha - Definition of Xiboquinha - Brazil Drinks - Brazil Travel
Definition: Xiboquinha is a cachaça-based drink whose secret formula is ... at a restaurant in Itápolis, as a token of his gratitude for help at a time of illness. Ads.
Rapadura - Definition of Rapadura - Brazilian Unrefined Sugar ...
In Brazil, rapadura is produced the traditional way in several areas, especially the Northeast and Minas ... Brazil Food & Drink · Brazil Food & Drink Glossary ...
Brigadeiro (Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles) Definition
Brigadeiros, or chocolate fudge truffles, are what Brazilian kids expect to find at birthday parties. ... Brazil Food & Drink · Brazil Food & Drink Glossary ...
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