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Brazil Food and Drink - Brazil Travel - About.com
A guide to Brazil food and drink,including typical dishes, native fruits, and general information about restaurants.
Brazil Food & Drink Glossary - Brazil Travel - About.com
Discover the meaning of typical Brazilian food and drink terms and get some background information to help you understand the richness of Brazilian cuisine.
Farofa - Brazil Food Glossary - Brazil Travel - About.com
Food: Farofa is a dish made from toasted manioc flour and complements that may ... A widely popular dish, farofa is best with beans, which in Brazil are usually ...
Recipes for Traditional Brazilian Foods - South American Food
This collection of Brazilian recipes is organized so that you can choose from the categories and plan your own Brazilian meal. Choose a main course, pair it with  ...
Breakfast in Brazil - South American Food - About.com
Breakfast is not the biggest or most important meal of the day in Brazil. Brazilians tend to eat a lighter breakfast, as lunch (almoço) is usually substantial.
Coxinha (Brazilian Chicken Croquettes) Recipe
Coxinhas are delicious fried chicken croquettes - a popular street food in Brazil.
Brazilian Cinnamon Doughnuts - Bolinhos De Chuva Recipe
These delicious little Brazilian doughnuts are coated with cinnamon sugar. ... A Brazilian Menu - Recipes For Traditional Brazilian Foods · Brazilian Fish Stew ...
Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles Recipe - South American Food
Like so many South American treats, these little fudge truffle balls have a story in Brazil - they were named after a famous 1940's Brigadier General named ...
Pastel Frito de Frango - South American Food - About.com
Pastéis are a Brazilian street food delicacy - fried pastries filled with various savory fillings like cheese, chicken, shrimp, hearts of palm or ground beef. Pastel  ...
Brazilian-style Pizza Varieties and Toppings - South American Food
South Americans have enthusiastically adopted pizza into their national cuisines, adding their own flavors and style. Brazilians are particularly creative with this ...
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